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Digital marketing specialist and exchange investor that is passionate about the internet, technology and everything in between. I work on conceptualizing and implementing online web development projects that provide branding and visibility results to businesses set up in multiple niches.

Businesses Using Social Media

Social Media for B2B: What You Need to Know for the Next 5 Years!

Today, I’d like to dive into the transformative effects of Social Media for B2B over the past five years. I’ll also provide a few insights into its projected performance for the next five years. Consider this a study. The study utilizes a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods, including a review of relevant literature, […]

UX Workshops in Mumbai

Unlock Your UX Potential: Exploring the Best UX Workshops in Mumbai

If you’re interested in User Experience (UX) design and want to learn more about it, attending a UX workshop in Mumbai could be the perfect way to start. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information about UX workshops in Mumbai, including the benefits, the process, and the key takeaways. Introduction: What

Email Marketing in B2B

Email Marketing in B2B for Consistent Growth

Business-to-business (B2B) refers to transactions between businesses, rather than between a business and a consumer. Email Marketing in B2B has a unique relationship. One business sells products or services to another business, rather than to an individual consumer. For example, a company that sells office supplies might have B2B relationships with other businesses that purchase

Product Management Role

How To Ace Your Product Management Role

Companies hire product managers to oversee the development and success of a product. The Product Management Role is filled with individual contributors responsible for defining the strategy and vision for a product. They work with cross-functional teams to bring the product to market. Skills Product Managers Need There is no set path to becoming a

Agile vs Waterfall Methodology

Agile vs Waterfall Methodology Basics & Fundamentals

Agile vs Waterfall Methodology are two fundamentally different approaches to project management that are commonly used in software development. While both approaches have their own strengths and weaknesses, they are often used in different contexts and for different types of projects. In this article, we will explore the key differences between Agile and Waterfall, and

UX Designers

Use these 32 Tips for Acing Your User Experience Design

User experience design (UX design) is important because it focuses on creating products and services that provide a positive and meaningful experience for the user. When a product or service has a good UX, it is easy and enjoyable for the user to use, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Good UX

Lead Generation Tips for Small Businesses

Lead Generation Tips for Small Businesses

Lead Generation is the process of generating new sales opportunities by finding potential customers. It involves identifying people who might need your product or service, then nurturing those relationships until they’re ready to buy. These are my Lead Generation Tips for Small Businesses that I implement on a daily basis. If you are still on

Empathy Maps

What are Empathy Maps in Customer Experience?

Empathy Maps is a word that seems to be thrown around a lot these days, particularly in the UX and UI design community. An empathy map is basically putting together things that a designer knows about the user after understanding everything they need to know about the said user. UX Empathy Maps help designers emphasize

Designing for User Experience

Designing for User Experience: 6 Guaranteed Tips & Tricks to Boost Sales

Website and app experiences are becoming far more sophisticated than ever before. It’s definitely not the same as how it used to be. So, if you’ve been thinking that your classic marketing strategy is going to work wonders for your business, I encourage you to think again. It’s time you let go of the past

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