Three Pillars of Retail

Three Pillars of Retail

As retailers and marketers, we’ve spent a good chunk of 2019 promoting products and services without focusing on the three pillars of retail and instead only looking at onboarding new customers. In-turn we were expected to run campaigns that sought creative ways to impact our bottom lines. Semantics3 reported that there are nearly 6 million …

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3 Essential Tools for Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram Marketing Tools

Instagram Influencer Rachel Brathen charges upwards of $20,000 for a single post on her Instagram feed. She isn’t alone. There are a plethora of other socialites and influencers across the world that are earning big by simply being an Instagram influencer and ambassador for products online.  Instagram has become a globally accredited and powerful platform …

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Scoring Insurance Sales with CRM

CRM Insurance Sales

Within the Insurance sector, there is always a form of anxiety that builds up between agents and insurance carriers. Insurance carriers view agents as maverick service providers that are difficult to control and pass on increased costs and commission rates. Agents, by discordance, view insurance carriers as large, successful businesses with a number of employees, …

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How to Structure your Digital Team Effectively

Effective Digital Teams

When you set forth to create a digital product, you will realise very early that this is a process that deserves multi-disciplinary action that blends creativity, engineering, support, compliance and business strategy. Due to its complexity, large businesses and global brands undergo various transformations and they struggle when it come to figuring out how they …

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