UI & UX Jobs

Death to Designers: Here’s what’s going to happen to your Current UX / UI Job

Spoiler: There is an inconvenient truth, if you are a designer, you will hate this post. We’ve seen them grow from small scale garages to multi-billion dollar companies. The last 10 years have been a testimony to everything we have come to appreciate technology for. With great new tech strides being made and advancements that […]

Trends for Boosting Conversions

Design Trends that Boost Conversions

Design in the absence of logic is simply decoration.   I’ve been a huge advocate for design thinking all my professional life and I’ve seen it evolve through some of its roughest times into fine-tuning itself for the digital world. Design is a great solution provider and is truly the future of everything digital. While

Brutalism Design

Meet Brutalism: The Design Trend that is Driving UX and UI Guys Crazy

Brutalism has proven that websites and applications can be nightmares of unordered images with superseding clashing fonts and colors directly out of the paranormal. Embedded CSS, code without tabs, and unstyled HTML tables are working and it’s achieving just what it has always wanted. It’s weird but it’s totally agreed that it works. We’ve all

Development Trends

10 Design & Development Trends

1. The Future of Web Design is Simplicity Well proportioned whitespace, carefully selected color schemes and elegant typefaces are going to be the key three ingredients to web design perfection in 2017. While not necessarily a design trend, simplicity is where UI and UX design has been moving towards for quite some years now, and

Pune Connect India

PuneConnect has its Sights on the Future

Pune has always been my second home. I travel there more often than I can remember. It’s a place that has taught me how to differentiate between a tech-ready city and a tech-achieving one. Every trip I make here always leaves me with insights I would not otherwise comprehend. I’ve attended a shit load of

Tools for Startups

3 Essential Tools for Startups

So, you’ve taken the plunge. Decided to face all odds and gone ahead to overcome your challenges. I salute everything you’re doing and going to do in the days to come. Building a startup isn’t easy and I can tell you, it’s going to take up a lot of your time and energy. To ease

Facebook Marketing

Read this Before You Sign Up for Facebook’s Free Basics Campaign

You may have noticed by now that Facebook has been requesting you to sign up a petition which they will forward to TRAI. This is a networking program aimed at providing free internet access to people from different industry sectors. What you do not know is that Free Basics is nothing but the Internet.Org campaign

Mac Emulators

5 Ways to Emulate Android on Your Mac

Android has been one of those much-hyped about open-source operating systems that have been around for years and has still not managed to find an easy port over to a Mac. Back in the day, it wasn’t a great idea to emulate any OS on a Mac other than what came out of the box.

Affiliate Marketing

An Inconvenient Truth to Affiliate Marketing, After Sales & Shitty Business Plans

There are dark sides to every aspect of any business and the losers that bank on affiliate marketing need a reality check that grounds them down. Most affiliate marketers I know are dumbasses and they get into a business I like to call ‘Hit-&-Run Affiliate Marketing’. These assholes are so caught up with their pigheadedness

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