The (SEO) Juice is Worth the Squeeze

SEO Ranking

When I was first introduced to how IPs dominated the market, I did not realize that it was forming its own path to developing a new service. At first, SEO Hosting seemed something out of the ordinary and I wondered if it was actually going to work. The concept of hosting domains on Multiple IPs seemed like a distant dream and that too on being able to host them from the same server! The C Class was an untapped resource that I figured no one had the cojones to hit. The day I saw results flow out from Blog Farms and Link Wheels is when I realized that there was more to this service that I could not grasp it initially.

Setting up standard optimization techniques was a pain in the ass to say none the least. It was tiresome, expensive, and on the whole, not worth the squeeze. Search engines started improving themselves and sooner than later, we realized that we needed to raise the ante a little so that at the end of the line we are able to stabilize ourselves at par with precisely what the algorithms are looking at. After careful monitoring of the servers, we realized that the true collocation of every IP address started bypassing the C Class. It was hard to believe at first, forget to understand, that some of the top search engine spiders could afford to bypass these requisites. Nonetheless, studying the crawling rates and after tweaking with G’s webmaster tools we noticed an increment in the SERPs that only Multiple IP Hosting was able to deliver. It was a tad difficult at first to simulate the spider and find out which algorithms it was bypassing but a close confidante showed me the ropes and we stepped right in.

The C Class had pressurized itself in an IP to allow servers from different collocations to read algorithms biometrically. This meant that we could host a domain on the same server, link it to shared accounts, instead of private servers, and still get results. Doing so would help us curtail optimization costs by nearly sixty percent. If SEO Hosting was already doing so much, we wanted to know what tapping into Link Wheels and Blog Farms would yield.

Setting up our first link wheel demanded that we had access to a lot of content. At first, we assumed using syntax would make the cut and create a uniqueness of around 33% excluding keywords. We also assumed that using PLR could help reduce costs furthermore. However, PLR and syntax could not yield results as it was a completely different scenario we were developing. We went all out and invested in unique content and spread them across Web 2.0 properties from the likes of WordPress and other communities. Linking one anchor to another, we created our first wheel and allotted each blog with the secondary anchor pointing directly to our index page. In all, we created fifteen 2.0 properties which yielding 15 link-wheels and 15 anchors. Throwing PageRank then became easier. Avoiding all BH methods, we started social bookmarking and ended it with basic marketing. Within a week, we got all properties indexed and the title boosted up from Page 5 to Page1. This was the highlight of the week when all we invested in was simply content spread across blogs on different IPs. The CMS we installed was done via Fantastico and we did everything as per its core basics.

Multiple C Class IP Hosting is this all-new technology that is fascinating me at the moment and we are tweaking it as much as we can so as to start migrating our domains on C Class IP Hosting servers. For now, it looks like it can take a while till we start reflecting on how we can start capturing better services that we can pass down.

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