3 Essential Tools for Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram Influencer Rachel Brathen charges upwards of $20,000 for a single post on her Instagram feed. She isn’t alone. There are a plethora of other socialites and influencers across the world that are earning big by simply being an Instagram influencer and ambassador for products online. 

Instagram has become a globally accredited and powerful platform because brands and companies see it as the perfect place to connect with their consumers. This means that all consumers these brands attempt to target are all Instagram users that follow their favorite socialites. That’s a potential reach of more than a billion customers. 

Nielsen reported that nearly 80% of purchases made online are done through the assistance of influencers or via recommendations. Influence Central (IC) found that Brands have ranked Instagram’s influencers as the most effective product convincing strategy of 2019. 

The popularity of Instagram and it’s influencer family is something that has attracted thousands of people just like you. If becoming an influencer is something you have been thinking about and not sure which tools you need to get started with, this should help you out. 


SocialMing makes it super easy to automate your Instagram feed. You can schedule posts, images, and videos to be auto-posted to your account whenever you want. It also has an in-depth insights feature that helps you understand how your account is performing as an influencer. I think SocialMing is the only Instagram marketing tool you will ever need to start becoming an influencer. Create a Free Account at SocialMing to start your influencer marketing strategy. 


Google Trends

One of the biggest challenges that influencers have is gaining access to new and relevant content that is trending in the niche they operate from. The best way to get onboard is to start using Google Trends more effectively. Watch a couple of videos online that can teach you how to use Google Trends to identify hot topics and trending stories that you want your audience to see. Check out Google Trends to learn how to start building relevant content. 

Canva / Adobe Spark

I’m a big fan of pictures, images, and branding. To become a really popular influencer, you need to be able to build quality content that looks great and appealing. I personally recommend Canva’s free account to get you started. Adobe Spark is great too. Edit and style the photos from your phone and then post them to Instagram. Visit the Canva website or Adobe Spark application to get started building high-quality images.

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