3 Essential Tools for Startups

So, you’ve taken the plunge. Decided to face all odds and gone ahead to overcome your challenges. I salute everything you’re doing and going to do in the days to come. Building a startup isn’t easy and I can tell you, it’s going to take up a lot of your time and energy. To ease off the planning process and ensure you got all the nitty-gritties sorted out, I’m going to recommend three tools that are going to help organise, plan and simplify your business plan.

1. ProBaux

This little baby is a simplified task management and project planning system that gets everything done. Your startup is going to need a lot of planning in it’s teething stages and there’s no other online tool that gets the job done better. ProBaux allows you to create projects, assign team players and create a sense of responsibility for your people to follow up and achieve results. It’s the only result based project management system out there and has a bunch of features you are definitely going to need. Theres an invoice function that keeps a tab of your accounts, a built in CRM, that allows you to start building up your customer base and a brilliantly well managed calendar system that integrates deeply with your activity planner. ProBaux is what I call an all-in-one toolkit that every startup deserves. While all this is every startup’s dream come true, the real icing on the cake its it’s no bullshit pricing policy. Pay for what you want, however long you need it. No questions asked.

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2. Dropbox

This may sound clichéd but file storage is something you are going to need to manage very effectively. There are plenty of cloud storage devices out there but there’s nothing more capable of delivering first and third party integration solutions like Dropbox. With new features being released almost every fortnight, Dropbox has grown to become a name synonymous with every startup on the planet. It’s super-easy share features and privacy controls is what makes it the best among its plethora of competitors. You get to start off with a couple of gigs for free and then upgrade to $9/mo for a heck of a lot of storage.

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3. MailChimp

The most essential element for any startup is its marketing and communication. Building a brand cannot be done without the help of communication reaching the right target audience and studying it’s results to help build more effective communication. The only tool I know that allows me to build my communication, establish diversified leads, customers and threats is MailChimp. It’s an amazing system built for mail architecture and it simply delivers what it promises. MailChimp will be the only email marketing tool you will ever need. It will market your product or service, maintain historical analytics of your open rates, conversation rates and at the same time help you optimise your subscriber base to assist you in delivering better quality of content. Mailchimp has some ridiculously cheap plans worth checking out.

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With these three tools in place, I can vouch that your startup will be more effective than ever. There are a bunch of other tools you may want to consider at a later stage but if you are just getting started, this is all that you need to be looking at: a simple and effective project management system, a file storage system and an email communication system. Master these tools and you got yourself a startup thats on the right track ahead.

All the best.