5 Essential SEO Tips for WordPress Beginners

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WordPress is a super powerful blogging/website platform for every aspiring internet entrepreneur that does not want to limit his/her passion due to lack of technical knowledge. If you are an aspiring WordPress addict, you can build a fully functional website right from scratch by just dragging and dropping different elements using useful WordPress plug-ins like Visual Composer which is an easy plug and play tool that can visually aid you create masterful websites. This is precisely why WordPress powers around 25% of the internet!

As much as WordPress is a life-saving tool for a lot of entrepreneurs, it also becomes a nightmare for some because they think that the work involved in running a WordPress website ends with just making a site! The website needs to be taken care of and worked upon regularly so that Search Engine Optimization or SEO happens for it and it ranks on the first page of web searches. In this post, we discuss a few valuable tips for the entrepreneur starting out with WordPress:

  1. Sidebar Optimization: A lot of people make the mistake of adding a lot of aesthetic features to their sidebar on their website to such an extent that the actual user gets confused in finding the actual call-to-action (CTA) buttons. This can cause a hit on the SEO of your website and hence the sidebar should be optimized to have the most essential features only so that the CTA’s are highlighted to the user without causing confusion.


  1. Organize Media Library: The worst thing that can happen to a website having an amazing Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress is having an unorganized Media Library with content here and there which can’t be searched for easily. Creating one single folder for all your media makes it easy to search for any content uploaded on the website.


  1. Create Optimised Permalinks: Permalinks are the parts of the URL which follow the domain name. For example, abc.com/wordpress_article – here “wordpress_article” is the permalink, and it needs to be optimized so that it contains basic keywords to make the search engine spiders understand your URL better and rank it higher for the basic set of keywords which relate to your URL. For example, “abc.com/wordpress_beginners_article” is better than “abc.com/article_to_help_beginners_of_wordpress_to_optimize_their_website”.


  1. Create Titles and Descriptions: Every page has a title and a short description called metadata that shows up when the website-related keyword is searched on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu etc. The title to your webpage should be optimized to give the best possible keyword-rich introduction to your website on the search engine and the metadata is the description which the user relates to the title provided for your webpage. Hence, a relevant copy for your title and metadata can work wonders for your website SEO, and this can be done without any lines of code for your WordPress website.


  1. Optimize Images: Uploading high-quality images can also work wonders for your website optimization. You can also optimize the images on your website by providing title tags and alternate texts for each and every image on your WordPress site. A title tag is a keyword-rich title that appears when you hover over an image on a website. Alternate text is the text displayed in the image placeholder before the image loads, which aptly describes the image using relevant keywords.


  1. Optimize the Landing Page and the Footer: The landing page is the first thing that every user sees when they land on your site and the footer is the common area that a user sees on every page at the bottom. These two elements need to be optimized minimally to include the most essential CTA buttons to provide the best experience to the users on your website.

So what are you waiting for! Implement these easy-to-execute steps on your WordPress website on your own and see the wonders it does for your website soon after that.

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