5 Great Alternatives to Google Analytics

Google has been the dominant player in the analytics market for quite a while now. There’s no doubting their tools and it goes without saying that a major chunk of SMB’s, startups and enterprises are using Google Analytics to monitor and track everything they do. But what do you do when you and your business needs something less robust but more user friendly? Here’s the answer.

There are a plethora of analytics alternatives out there, each of which has their own pros and cons. While you may argue that Google’s Analytics has you covered, there are certain aspects and products that simply cannot match up to these five options.

1. KissMetrics


Kissmetrics is one of those tools that focuses exclusively on tracking your visitors, their actions on your site and their originating IPs. It’s completely engrossed on obtaining the data tied to your users. It isn’t free, but nothing really comes free right?

2. Clicky


Here’s a tool that is self obsessed with providing you real time tracking of what your visitors do you on your website. It’s a great solution to view your website’s heatmaps and give you a snapshot of what your visitors are browsing on your site and which areas, call to actions and buttons are getting the most traction. There’s a free and premium version for you to try out.

3. Woopra


I like to call Woopra the child of Clicky. It has inherited so much from its competition and yet managed to exceed itself in terms of service. It’s expensive at $79.95/mo but it does have its set of features that can provide you real time stats for not just websites but for mobile applications, email and live chat systems too.

4. FoxMetrics


FoxMetrics is built on the logic that it needs to support the traditional page views that Google Analytics offers. Plans start at $20/mo and have everything you want from creating funnels for your visitor flow to real time drill downs. If you want to track actionable data, this is the tool you need to sign up for now.

5. MouseFlow


Most web administrators I know keep on asking me how they can track and monitor mouse movements, clicks, scrolls and keystrokes. The answers I keep on reiterating again and again is MouseFlow. This tool will be your personal snitch that helps you quantify visitor behavior. You get 100 free sessions with the free plan and you can always upgrade to premium at just $19/mo.

Siddharth Pereira
Digital marketing specialist and exchange investor that is passionate about the internet, technology and everything in between. I work on conceptualizing and implementing online web development projects that provide branding and visibility results to businesses set up in multiple niches.