Design Trends that Boost Conversions

Design in the absence of logic is simply decoration.


I’ve been a huge advocate for design logic all my professional life and I’ve seen it evolve through some of its roughest times into fine tuning itself in the digital world. Design is a great solution provider and is truly the future of everything digital. While there are a bunch of folks doing the unthinkable, all of it would be meaningless if it did not help boost up conversions.


I recently had the pleasure of speaking at ResellerClub TechTalks, a YouTube production, where we share new trends that are helping web professionals build better businesses. We covered up the essentials of web design as well as discussed some dominant trends that are disrupting our industry. I’ll share a link to the video here for those that want to start adopting these trends to help them skyrocket their conversion rates.

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Siddharth Pereira

Digital marketing specialist and exchange investor that is passionate about the internet, technology and everything in between. I work on conceptualising and implementing online web development projects that provides branding and visibility results to businesses set up in different geo-located niches.