AMC Theatres

A CaseStudy of How AMC Became Leaders in the Movie Screening Business

What do you think was the average price of a movie ticket in North America last year? It was $9.11 even though the average ticket price at an AMC theater is $9.55. The average patron spends $5.17 on food and beverages. On Saturday, April 27, 2019, both of those numbers set new records. A lot […]

Tough Bosses

Why You Need a Tough Boss to Succeed at Work and Life

You’re going to hate this post but there’s a tough boss everywhere. We’ve seen them in the movies. We hear about them from our friends and we’ve been warned by our family to stay clear from them. They live, work and prosper amongst us. They’re not hard to miss and if you pay really close

Freelancers at Home

How to Start Your Own Freelance Social Media Marketing Business and Attract New Customers

There’s a lot being said about freelancers and the opportunities the internet has brought forward for them. Not only is it everything that almost every pundit says, but the fact that there’s nearly 3 billion social media users across the web means these so-called opportunities are often undermined. Bigger companies just do not have the

Effective Digital Teams

How to Structure your Digital Team Effectively

When you set forth to create a digital product, you will realise very early that this is a process that deserves multi-disciplinary action that blends creativity, engineering, support, compliance and business strategy. Due to its complexity, large businesses and global brands undergo various transformations and they struggle when it come to figuring out how they

Marketing Emails

What’s the Best Time to Send out Marketing Emails?

When I get asked what’s the best time to send out marketing emails, I often get pulled back to the time when email was something we did only on laptops and desktops. My old ways never left me and I needed to take a step back and rethink my position on this. Marketers often hurriedly

Branding Strategies for Designers

UX Designers: You need to get up and start building your brand today!

Why do Indian cards have an OTP mechanism whereas cards in the States enable transactions with just a swipe? Why do people prefer the convenience of shopping at Myntra or Flipkart as compared to e-commerce portals of traditional retail outlets? Why is brick and mortar retail getting a paradigm shift to changing the buying behavior

SEO Marketing

5 Essential SEO Tips for WordPress Beginners

WordPress is a super powerful blogging/website platform for every aspiring internet entrepreneur that does not want to limit his/her passion due to lack of technical knowledge. If you are an aspiring WordPress addict, you can build a fully functional website right from scratch by just dragging and dropping different elements using useful WordPress plug-ins like

Buddypress Social Network Ideas

The Easy Way to Build a Social Network with Buddypress and WordPress for Free

Face-to-face gossip replaced by Facebook, reading the news replaced by Daily Rundowns on LinkedIn, friends communicating over emails replaced by WhatsApp chats and SnapChat, sharing artistic physical photo albums and catalogs replaced by Instagram and Pinterest respectively. It’s now time to build that social network using just two simple tools – WordPress and Buddypress. What

Cost of a New Website

Cost of Building a New Website

This is a common question that lingers in the head of every person looking to develop a website for their business. However, the question is quite vague in context. It’s almost like asking how much a phone would cost without deciding what features one is rooting for. Therefore, it’s mandatory to choose the features and

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