Analytics Marketing

5 Great Alternatives to Google Analytics

Google has been the dominant player in the analytics market for quite a while now. There’s no doubting their tools and it goes without saying that a major chunk of SMB’s, startups, and enterprises are using Google Analytics to monitor and track everything they do. But what do you do when you and your business […]

Web Designers

Designers Need to Stop Making Poop

I have seen a bunch of designs, online and offline, that make me puke. They make me want to push my fingers down my throat and force-out my barf with the hope that what has been seen can be unseen. But here’s the reality of it: big companies around the world are spending millions of

Skeumorphic Design

Give Skeuomorphism Another Try?

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an upheaval in the way computer interfaces are designed. Skeuomorphism is out, and flat is in. But have we gone too far? Perhaps we’ve taken the skeuomorphic death hunts as far as they can go, and it’s high time we usher in a new era of post-flat digital

Wireframing Tools

UX 102: The Wireframe

If you are in the same business that I am in love with, then you’re probably pretty familiar with the concepts of wireframes, and if you’re a user experience designer you’re probably rolling your eyes at yet another post about what a wireframe is and what it’s good for.  If, on the other hand, you’re not

SEO Exact Match Domains

Ranking 9x EMDs

The purpose of this case study is to try and understand the Google Panda algorithm by manipulating it to read nine ccTLDs within a blog farm each of which is to empower its main money site and propagate PR juice. The money site is within a competitive niche. Kindly note that the material listed below

eCommerce India

The Rise of eCommerce in India

Back in 1998, we did not see this coming. Perhaps, we never wanted to. With Fabmart, Bazzee, and First&Second battling head on to become the Amazon of India, somewhere down the line, things changed and now it’s a completely new ball game. Rediff overhauled themselves, Sify wanted to monetize their toys, Infibeam tried really hard,

Product Marketing

We are the Product, Not the Customer

Poking, tagging, liking, and becoming a farmer seems to be a trend that never stops growing. Evidently, Zuckerberg and his team at a threshold high and have no plans on going slow. With competition rising from Google’s +1, the question remains, how did we all get here? Back in the day when we had access

Web Hosting Tips

Bursting the Hosting Bubble

Over the past few weeks, I have been closely following the likes of new services in the web hosting industry. Each of them has been able to offer me a new kind of reason to smack me in the face for. It is no secret that getting high search engine rankings is one of the

SEO Ranking

The (SEO) Juice is Worth the Squeeze

When I was first introduced to how IPs dominated the market, I did not realize that it was forming its own path to developing a new service. At first, SEO Hosting seemed something out of the ordinary and I wondered if it was actually going to work. The concept of hosting domains on Multiple IPs

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