UX Designers

Use these 32 Tips for Acing Your User Experience Design

User experience design (UX design) is important because it focuses on creating products and services that provide a positive and meaningful experience for the user. When a product or service has a good UX, it is easy and enjoyable for the user to use, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Good UX […]

Empathy Maps

What are Empathy Maps in Customer Experience?

Empathy Maps is a word that seems to be thrown around a lot these days, particularly in the UX and UI design community. An empathy map is basically putting together things that a designer knows about the user after understanding everything they need to know about the said user. UX Empathy Maps help designers emphasize

Skills for Product Management

10 Skills for Product Management Professionals

A couple of weeks ago, I had written extensively about the difference between product management vs project management. That should have given you a segue to help you understand the necessary skills for product management. I’m assuming you are here to figure out when in your career you should consider becoming a product manager and

Improve User Experience

12 Super Easy Ways to Improve User Experience for Your Website

Developing a website is an unavoidable aspect of establishing an online presence, but very rarely do businesses talk about how to improve user experience for their websites. Websites are beneficial to companies because they provide convenient access to all of the company’s information and services. However, simply designing a website is insufficient; offering a superior

UX Tools

UX Tools that Really Work

As a user experience designer, you are going to be bombarded with a plethora of UX tools to choose from. But the key to successful productivity is to wade through all the wannabes and find the right tools that fit your style of working. Remember, there is no tool that is perfect so let’s take

Visual Storytelling Guidelines

Visual Storytelling Step-by-Step Guidelines for UI & UX

Visual Storytelling has been a content marketing trend for the past few years. The idea however is nothing new since people were creating narratives long before writing existed. Storytelling is the process of describing a series of events to communicate something to your audience. The purpose can be to entertain, educate, or instill values. The

UI & UX Jobs

Death to Designers: Here’s what’s going to happen to your Current UX / UI Job

Spoiler: There is an inconvenient truth, if you are a designer, you will hate this post. We’ve seen them grow from small scale garages to multi-billion dollar companies. The last 10 years have been a testimony to everything we have come to appreciate technology for. With great new tech strides being made and advancements that

Trends for Boosting Conversions

Design Trends that Boost Conversions

Design in the absence of logic is simply decoration.   I’ve been a huge advocate for design thinking all my professional life and I’ve seen it evolve through some of its roughest times into fine-tuning itself for the digital world. Design is a great solution provider and is truly the future of everything digital. While

Brutalism Design

Meet Brutalism: The Design Trend that is Driving UX and UI Guys Crazy

Brutalism has proven that websites and applications can be nightmares of unordered images with superseding clashing fonts and colors directly out of the paranormal. Embedded CSS, code without tabs, and unstyled HTML tables are working and it’s achieving just what it has always wanted. It’s weird but it’s totally agreed that it works. We’ve all

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